Heli Patrol Flights


Makutsi Heli Patrol flight

Makutsi conducts anti-poaching activities during the day and night. We conduct patrols on foot, horseback and in Land Rovers in search of snares, broken fences, injured wildlife, human tracks & signs of trespassers. We can only cover a limited amount of land in a certain time frame. By using a helicopter we are able to cover the whole reserve with a birds eye view.



One way that you can contribute in the fight against poaching is to join us on a 45 minute scenic heli flight over the reserve. By using a helicopter we are able to cover more ground in less time as well as be a visual deterrent to potential poachers. If poachers see that we are flying over the reserve on a regular basis it might deter them from trying to enter our reserve.

Rhino control from Heli

Makutsi Heli Patrol

What do you get out of it?

• Heli Safari – One of our guides will accompany you on the helicopter and will point out wildlife as well as explain the work that is being done

• Experience and enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the air

• Personal contribution to help in the fight against poaching

View from Makutsi Heli

Duration: a 45 minute flight – max 2 people per flight

(or 4 people can share – 2 people fly 20 minutes each)

Conditions: Subject to availability & weather dependent

Makutsi Heli Patrol flight